2FACE are twins born by the grace of God on May 28, 1979. Their mother was not expecting to have twins. The doctor didn't know their mother was having twins until eight minutes after one son was born. She gave them typical similar names like Jerome a.k.a "Riteous" and Tyrone a.k.a "Humble." Growing up, they had a normal childhood life. Both of their parents lived in the home and raised a family of seven. However, they grew up in a not so normal environment in North Long Beach, CA. Gangs, drugs and violence surrounded them. Although their mom raised them in church, the mean streets of the city had a stronger influence on them. They stopped attending church and started hanging around their older brother, who was already deeply involved in a gang. "We were on a fast track to either jail or death and didn't even realize it," Riteous said. The turning point in the twin's lives was after a confrontation with a rival gang, which left Humble fighting for his life. Riteous escaped with little to no injuries. "Not knowing whether my brother would live or die, made me realize that I needed to change my lifestyle," Riteous said. Humble too had the same epiphany while lying in the hospital. He knew that it was only by the grace of God that spared his life. After this life-threatening incident, the twin's parents move the family to the Inland Empire, an area far east of Long Beach where the environment was not so violent. This move gave them a fresh start at a new life. In June of 2001, the twins recommitted their lives to the Lord and have been faithfully serving Him since. Since childhood, the twins always did music together. The two are now dedicated to winning the lost by going into the inner cities to minister the Word of God through holy hip-hop. At the age of twenty-three Humble and Riteous formed the group "2FACE" and have started a ministry called LifeSavers. "The purpose of our ministry is to save as many people as possible for Christ through our music," Humble says. "We want to reach the young and old." The group has toured all around CA. 2FACE lives by the scripture in Mark 16:15 which states, "You are to go into the world and preach the Good News to everyone, everywhere."




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